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Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995

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Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 List of acts
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Part I
General Provisions
Farm business tenancies

1. Meaning of “farm business tenancy”.
2. Tenancies which cannot be farm business tenancies.
3. Compliance with notice conditions in cases of surrender and re-grant.
Exclusion of Agricultural Holdings Act 1986
4. Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 not to apply in relation to new tenancies except in special cases.

Termination of the tenancy
5. Tenancies for more than two years to continue from year to year unless terminated by notice.
6. Length of notice to quit.
7. Notice required for exercise of option to terminate tenancy or resume possession of part.
Tenant's right to remove fixtures and buildings
8. Tenant's right to remove fixtures and buildings.

Part II
Rent Review Under Farm Business Tenancy
9. Application of Part II.
10. Notice requiring statutory rent review.
11. Review date where new tenancy of severed part of reversion.
12. Appointment of arbitrator.
13. Amount of rent.
14. Interpretation of Part II.

Part III
Compensation on Termination of Farm Business Tenancy
Tenant's entitlement to compensation

15. Meaning of “tenant's improvement”.
16. Tenant's right to compensation for tenant's improvement.
Conditions of eligibility
17. Consent of landlord as condition of compensation for tenant's improvement.
18. Conditions in relation to compensation for planning permission.
19. Reference to arbitration of refusal or failure to give consent or of condition attached to consent.

Amount of compensation
20. Amount of compensation for tenant's improvement not consisting of planning permission.
21. Amount of compensation for planning permission.
22. Settlement of claims for compensation.
Supplementary provisions with respect to compensation
23. Successive tenancies.
24. Resumption of possession of part of holding.
25. Compensation where reversionary estate in holding is severed.
26. Extent to which compensation recoverable under agreements.
27. Interpretation of Part III.

Part IV
Miscellaneous and Supplemental
Resolution of disputes

28. Resolution of disputes.
29. Cases where right to refer claim to arbitration under section 28 does not apply.
30. General provisions applying to arbitrations under Act.
31. Mortgages of agricultural land.
32. Power of limited owners to give consents etc.
33. Power to apply and raise capital money.
34. Estimation of best rent for purposes of Acts and other instruments.
35. Preparation of documents etc. by valuers and surveyors.

36. Service of notices.
37. Crown land.
38. Interpretation.
39. Index of defined expressions.
40. Consequential amendments.
41. Short title, commencement and extent.

Consequential amendments.


1 Meaning of “farm business tenancy”

(1) A tenancy is a “farm business tenancy” for the purposes of this Act if—

(a) it meets the business conditions together with either the agriculture condition or the notice conditions, and

(b) it is not a tenancy which, by virtue of section 2 of this Act, cannot be a farm business tenancy.
(2) The business conditions are—
(a) that all or part of the land comprised in the tenancy is farmed for the purposes of a trade or business, and

(b) that, since the beginning of the tenancy, all or part of the land so comprised has been so farmed.
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