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Family law: divorce advice and support

In this time of financial crisis, it is even more important to be well-informed when contemplating divorce.

Legal glossary - legal words explained

Many are quite formal legal terms.

Legal Separation

Legal separation is an alternative to divorce for people who canít continue to live together but do not want to end their marriage.

Legal Separation Grounds for divorce The legal process

To be separated, all you have to do is live apart. There are many couples who decide not to divorce but you should carefully consider your options with a solicitor.

What is The Difference Between a Legal Separation and Divorce?

Unlike divorce, a legal separation does not put an end to the marriage. During a legal separation, you have a court order that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each spouse while they are living apart.

Will I Receive Spousal Support During a Legal Separation?

If you are eligible for spousal support you will receive it during a legal separation. It is your legal right when filing for a legal separation to request the court grants spousal support.


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